Dakota Suite

People who don’t know about Dakota Suite stop what you are doing and go here.  Do it now.  Chris Hooson has so many records available.  I have only 2 but they are both sublime.  The first one I have is entitled ‘Waiting For The Dawn To Crawl Through And Take Away Your Life’.  The second is called ‘The End Of Trying’.  ‘Waiting For The Dawn….’ is a song based album with vocals and simple, subtle instrumentation.  It’s bleak.  It’s dark.  But it’s beautiful.  Songs such as ‘Never Much To Say’ and ‘Because Our Lies Breathe Differently’ are beyond stunning.  Simple and stunning.

‘The End of Trying’ is an instrumental record with Chris (Dakota Suite) accompanied by David Darling on cello.  It is an absolutely stunning piece of music.  I adore it.  Chris Hooson’s music deserves to be heard by more people.  It is beautiful.  It is tender.  It feels like somebody who has struggled with life pouring out everything he has onto his piano.  A flood of heart and soul.  If you believe that music comes from a place deep within somebody’s being.  If you care about music like that, then you are going to adore Dakota Suite.  Knowing the story of Chris’ life.  His battle with depression it’s hard not to be affected by his work.  Even his own words about his forthcoming record ‘The North Green Down’ and other future releases tell a story.  He says “and how they can be released without everyone getting more bored than they already are with my whining caustic pointlessness”… I for one don’t think I could ever tire of this man’s work.  If you can find a musician who puts more of himself into the music I would be surprised.  Dakota Suite is tender.  Dakota Suite is tragic.  Ultimately Dakota Suite’s music is beautiful and whilst the story might be bleak the music will leave you warm and happy.  Of that I am sure. Please check out his work.  Enjoy.