I’ve not actually written about Helios yet.  I probably won’t to be honest.  I might.  Ok.  I don’t know yet.  However, I will write about Goldmund right now.  Goldmund is Helios or, going by his human name, Keith Kenniff.  He’s an American student of music clearly influenced by the work of minimalist composers and he is bloody good too!  Whilst Helios focuses on the more electronic, droney, ambient side of the musical spectrum, Goldmund is very much about simplistic piano pieces of real and honest beauty.

There really is nothing flashy going on here.   This is just simple and beautiful piano playing which I could listen to all night.   If you ever grew up in a house with a piano that was played regularly you’ll understand this, but it kind of feels like that lazy Sunday music.  The kind of music that your brother used to play whilst you tried to have a hangover nap.  It feels like the perfect music for the hangover nap.  Or just to shut your eyes and get lost in and feel the head pain clear.  I am very excited about this myspace find if I’m honest.  I will be investing in his music as soon as possible because it has calmed me and made a stressful week seem less so already.  I will be taking my ipod with me to the Kays shows this Friday and Saturday and can guarantee this is the sort of thing I’ll be listening to calm my nerves.

Simply wonderful.  Check out Goldmund here and Helios here.  Enjoy.


5 thoughts on “Goldmund

  1. Aye, it’s great to hear this kind of stuff. Mostly I get more excited about a great new independent artist than the prospect of a new major release.

  2. Chris, magic. I have ordered it. thanks!

    Steven – hello. And thanks for stopping by. I couldn’t agree more. These days not many major releases are that interesting. Some. Not many.

  3. I remember stumbling upon both his projects on and put them on the waiting list for bands to check out when I got time, but to be honest I pretty much forgot about it until now.

    This sort of thing just painfully reminds me how beautiful the sound of a piano is, and how bloody stupid have I been for most of my life neglecting music and the chance to learn to play it, what with my mother being a piano teacher. But hey, it’s never too late, I guess.

  4. It’s a great thing to find an artist you love on myspace and then just trawl through their friends list. You find a lot of things you don’t like then one or two that you do!

    As for learning to play piano I feel the same way about cello. However, my mum is not a cellist. You have a head start!

    It seems we’re all agreed on how beautiful Goldmund’s music is.

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