The Steinberg Principle Ten Tracks

So Ed who runs Ten Tracks asked me if I’d be up for putting together a bundle for the site some time last year.  Due to my ridiculously busy schedule I never managed to get my finger out and get it sorted.  With Sleepingdog coming across in June and playing the Roxy Art House, Ed thought it would make sense for me to try again.  This time, I have been organised and got myself together so that I could make sure I had ten tracks to the guys in time.  I am almost there.  I have my artists sorted.  So the bundle I am putting together will feature:

Library Tapes; Anna Rose Carter; Caught In The Wake Forever; Euan McMeeken (solo track); Invisible Elephant; Deathpodal; Beneath Us, The Waves; Last Days; Sleepingdog; GLISSANDO.

Yes, it’s a bit different.  I guess the whole idea when I Ed asked me was that I’d try and promote the music that I write about and love.  I am excited because the Glissando track is brand new, my solo track is unheard, and the caliber of artists who have contributed tunes is just amazing.  I cannot thank them enough for helping me out and being part of my bundle.  Hopefully people will give it a go and get into their music.   It’s a big mix of ambient, shoegaze and modern classical.  Give it a try once it’s available.  Or check out the artists now.  They are well worth a gander.  Enjoy.