Anna Rose Carter – Silver Lines

So I’ve already written recently about Anna-Rose Carter and how I have fallen in love with her stunning nuggets of piano perfection.  Well this is her most recent release ‘Silver Lines’ and it is simply gorgeous.  I am talking unbelievably beautiful.  You must must must go to her bandcamp page and buy this.  Do it and do it now. You will not be disappointed.  I promise.  It’s just five pieces of such radiant beauty you cannot fail to smile when you sit back and watch the rain clouds pass over head, on a night like this.  She will make you drift off to a place that is filled with happiness and peace.  Even if you have had the worst day imagineable – and mine was not all that great – you will feel the weight of the world lifted from your shoulders.  So rather than spend anymore time trying to make you realise how good this lady is –  just go to her page and buy her record.  Do it.  Talking of which, the packaging is just amazing.  It’s a mini cd and it came wrapped in lovely paper and tied with string.  Such a lovely human touch, which just makes this record all the more special for me.  Plus she sent me a lovely postcard along with it thanking me for previous review.  The human touch.  You cannot beat it.  Anyways, I digress.  Check her out please.  Enjoy.


Smith/Chesnutt/Linkous Tribute Update

So I’m pretty much sorted now with contributions for the tribute.  Loads of acts who wanted to be part of the project had to pull out for various reasons, which is a real shame as the line up was looking amazing!  So I don’t have as many contributions as I would have liked but what I do have is still a cracking line up of musicians who have submitted some excellent versions of tunes by Elliott Smith, Vic Chesnutt and Mark Linkous.

Linkous tunes are to the fore to be honest, but there are a couple of Smith tunes and 2 different versions of the same Vic Chesnutt tune – both equally brilliant.  I am very excited about this project and hopeful that people will take the opportunity to download the tunes when they are available and support Depression Alliance UK.

So, in no particular order, the artists who have contributed or are contributing a tune are (not telling you what they’ve done as yet); Rob St John; Pink Pills; Lotte Kestner; Sleepingdog; Glissando; Kieran Naughton (Deserter’s Deserve Death); Luke Joyce (The Gothenburg Address) ; Rodge Glass (Burnt Island); There Will Be Fireworks; Small Town Boredom; Rivulets and we may also receive a couple more before the posts go up.  So there should be plenty to keep everyone interested I hope.  Downloads will cost £1 per track and all the money will go to Depression Alliance UK.  Download them all or just pick and choose.  Either way your contribution is important.

More news soon.