There Will Be Fireworks


How exactly have these guys been overlooked?  I really am gobsmacked by the fact that despite clearly producing one of the finest Scottish albums of 2009 and yet nobody seems to have taken note.  Not properly.  What’s up with that people??  I am totally at a loss as to why they are not being championed left, right and centre.  Their debut album is, from start to finish, a brilliant piece of work.  And it is a piece of work rather than simply a collection of songs.  From start to finish this feels like a composition, like each piece has been carefully planned and placed in the jigsaw to ensure that the flow of the record is right.  Sometimes it’s hard to know when one tune starts and another stops, but here in lies the brilliance of the record.  It’s the way they have carefully planned the whole thing from start to finish that makes the album so so good for me.  I am shocked by the lack of media attention.  These guys deserve it.  People talk about the Twilight Sad and how amazing they are.  Well I’d take these guys debut record over the TS’s second album any day of the week.  It’s not about competitions.  However, where is the love for a band who produced one of 2009’s outstanding records and surely deserve to be recognised as one of the most exciting bands in Scotland at the moment.  These guys, Conquering Animal Sound and The Scottish Enlightenment would be up there as my favourite acts going.  They have also sent me a cover of a Vic Chesnutt tune for the tribute project and I cannot wait to make it available as it’s simply brilliant.  I had no idea how they would make a Vic Chesnutt song work.  They’ve made it their own though, and they’ve made it bloody great too.   Please, please, please check out There Will Be Fireworks here.  Enjoy.