Language Of Landscape – Memories Fade Under A Shallow Autumn Snow

So having written about Micheal Ashford and his beautiful short EP, I now turn my attention to this EP by Calgary based duo Chirs Tenz and Cory Zaradur.  This EP is only three tracks long.  But the three tracks total just over 45 minutes in length.  So we’ve gone from talking about one of the shortest ambient/classical EP’s I have listened to, to one of the longest!  And oh my god what a stunning piece of beauty this is.  What a sonic landscape of sound and craft and vision.    The opening track ‘And The Rain Embraced Our Closing Words’ is simply amazing.  It is truly one of the most stunning pieces of ambient, classical music I think I have ever laid my ears upon.  Breathtakingly haunting.  Mind bogglingly beautiful.   It stops and starts.  Swells and dies.  But never loses track of the beauty within.  This record is not one you’re going to listen to whilst you do your daily run or when you’re on the open road.  It’s one you need to give time to breathe and live within you.  The acoustic guitar at the end of ‘Contemplating Departure In The Wake Of Clear Light’ is a shock.  After the darkness beforehand, it sounds almost like another day is about to begin.  It’s just the end of track two though.  ‘Speaking Between Truth And Denial’ does not change the pace or atmosphere of the record.  It just adds to the wonderfully simplistic, haunting beauty of an EP which deserves lots of attention.  If there is any justice, these two Canadians will make a mark on the modern classical movement with an EP which demands attention and commands respect.  The names are beautiful.  The art is beautiful and most importantly.  So is the music.  You must check this out and you can do so here.  What’s more, it’s a free download.  So don’t waste another second, get downloading now and enjoy.


5 thoughts on “Language Of Landscape – Memories Fade Under A Shallow Autumn Snow

  1. Somebody make a movie to go along with this album, with nothing but scenery and the music, and it shall be my favourite film ever.

    I’m yet to check the other one out, Michael… let me see, Ashford. This one though I already love, got the album and I’m on my third listen on a row, don’t think I can listen to something else now, can’t believe how something so simple can be so beautiful.

  2. I do love this. Like you say, not one for the morning run and I rarely listen to it, but whenever I do I’m totally blown away by it. I hope they do something new soon.

  3. hey all, i just came across this beautiful review and comments. just wanted to extend my gratitude for your kind words on our release. know that there will be more in the future, watch the myspace page for info.

    deep regards,

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