Flirted With You All My Life by Lotte Kestner

So here we go!!!  We’re starting the Smith/Chesnutt/Linkous tribute with a track by Vic Chesnutt as performed by Lotte Kestner, possibly better known to the readers of this blog as Anna-Lynne Williams of Trespassers William.  I’m lost for words when I hear Anna-Lynne’s voice.  I really am.  It’s one of the most beautiful voices on planet earth I think.  I was completely stunned and honoured when she added her vocals to The Kays debut album and I was even more delighted when she agreed to be part of this project.  I know how excited she is about recording this track and how much she wants to make it available for her fans, so I decided to change the running order and make her track the first one available for download.  

She has chosen Vic Chesnutt’s track ‘Flirted With You All My Life’ from his 2009 album ‘At The Cut’.  It’s really interesting to note that There Will Be Fireworks have chosen the exact same track for the project, though their version and this version could not be more different.  It was never a rule that people had to do a different track from one another, simply that they recorded something they were passionate about.  Every artist who has contributed has definitely done just as I asked.   Anyways, for me, the later work of Vic Chesnutt, particularly his last 2 records, are his best.  I got into his music when Lambchop were his backing band.  But I fell massively in love with his music when his backing band changed to the Silver Mt Zion Orchestra.  That single change took his music from whimsical and floaty to dark and driving.  And ‘At The Cut’ is simply stunning.  ‘Flirted With You All My Life’ is a poignant and scary song.  The words, given what happened at the end of 2009, are very eerie and possibly quite confusing.  However, it’s a stunningly wonderful song and you really, really will love this version I’m sure.  You must, must, must check out Vic Chesnutt here.  You must check out Lotte Kestner here.  And you must PLEASE GO HERE and download this track.  All profit from the project is going to Depression Alliance UK.  It’s a seriously important charity which helps those who suffer from a serious, yet often overlooked illness.  That illness has cost us more people than you can ever care to imagine including these 3 wonderful musicians.  So please, support the cause, go to page and pay your £1 for the track.  Lets raise some money people.