Between The Bars by Burnt Island

When Rodge Glass contacted me to tell me that Burnt Island would be covering Elliott Smith’s ‘Between The Bars’ for the tribute I was more than a little delighted, as it is without a doubt one of my all time favourite Elliott Smith songs.  Taken from the wonderful record ‘Either/Or’ this track is one of the most stunningly beautiful pieces of music I’ve ever heard.  For me, one thing that resonated with me about the work of Smith was his ability to deliver super delicate beauty that pierced your heart but still managed to life you in a weird way.  Lyrically and musically he had the most wonderful ability to drag you into his songs and make you live every second of them.  Make you a part of them.  Without a doubt, for me, his defining work would be ‘Either/Or’, ‘XO’ and the highly under rated ‘Figure 8’.  With some artists you just never forget when you first heard them, how they impacted on your life and how much their music means to me.  Words cannot describe how much the music of Elliott Smith means to me.  The voice, the production techniques, the songs that never ever fail to move me.

Burnt Island are also an incredibly talented bunch.  Dr Rodge Glass is an award winning novelist and, one key element of the music that they create is the way that his words, and the wonderful instrumentation that surround the words, draw you in.  Make you part of their story.  So similar in many ways to the effect of Elliott Smith.  So it’s very fitting that they chose one of Smith’s finest lyrical tracks as their contribution to the cause.  I am totally honoured to have them onboard and delighted to be able to share this version of the song with you now.

You must, must, must check out Elliott Smith here.  You must check out Burnt Island here.  And you must PLEASE GO HERE and download this track.  All profit from the project is going to Depression Alliance UK.  It’s a seriously important charity which helps those who suffer from a serious, yet often overlooked illness.  That illness has cost us more people than you can ever care to imagine including these 3 wonderful musicians.  So please, support the cause, go to page and pay your £1 for the track.  Again, your involvement is very much appreciated.


2 thoughts on “Between The Bars by Burnt Island

  1. yeah, i was worried when rodge told me because i LOVE between the bars. they’ve done it so so so well though. i love the echo/distorted second vocal track when rodge sings. lovely.

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