Adam Stafford And The Death Bridge Convention – Music In The Mirabel

Adam Stafford is a man of many, many talents.  Originally known as the front man for Falkirk noisemongers Y’all Is Fantasy Island, the past year has seen him become more recognisable for being an artistic entrepreneur, whose various projects have garnered him both local and international acclaim and respect.  Where YIFI have maybe never reached the heights that their albums suggested they should, Adam has remained a highly respected and sought after musician in the Scottish music scene.  However, he has spread his wings wide in the past year or two and as well as YIFI can add a number of solo records to his name, a record label supporting the more diverse artists in Scottish music and an award winning film, ‘The Shutdown’, which he directed, as well as directing a Twilight Sad video in his spare time.

One thing is for sure, Adam Stafford is not short of musical inspiration.  His early solo shows tended to feature him on acoustic guitar battering out YIFI numbers but gradually he would finish his set by doing an accapella version of ‘Long Time Healing’ by Daniel Johnston.  Ultimately, I guess covering this tune and doing it so well has lead him to his new project.  An album of cover songs featuring the beautiful vocals of Emily Scott and the dulcet tones of author Alan Bissett.  Now as most people know, I tend not to be a fan of cover albums simply because I’m more interested in hearing original songs by artists.  However, with the exception of the Twilight Sad tune on this record, I know pretty much none of the tunes.  As such, this collection almost feels like a whole batch of new songs with a Twilight Sad cover thrown in for good measure.  And it’s a lovely collection of tunes.  Records like this serve to remind me how limited my knowledge of music actually is.  How limited my understanding.  How little I actually know.  And it makes me want to know more.  It makes me want to find the originals and compare.  It’s nice when that happens.  Knowing Adam well he does strike me as a man who listens to some pretty diverse music.  So it doesn’t surprise me that this collection is so wide ranging.  And it’s great.  A really great listen and one that I would highly recommend when it is released.  I’m not sure as to when it will be released but the Twilight Sad cover has already been leaked to a few blogs so you should be able to track it down.  It really is stunning.  In the meantime, check out Adam’s record label here.  His music here.  His film work here.  And enjoy.


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