Micah P Hinson And The Pioneer Saboteurs

Micah P Hinson is one of my favourite musicians.  Since I first saw him play at the Bongo Club in Edinburgh, I have loved his music.  I have also loved his album art work.  Without fail, the music and art combined have always created something pretty special whenever he’s released a record.  His last record, a covers album, may be the exception to the musical side of things for me – mainly as I just don’t seem to be able to click with covers albums unless the songs are not so well known.  That said, tracks like ‘Not Forever Now’ on that record are still sublime.  And his version of ‘My Way’, which he makes very much his own is pretty great too.

So after his little foray into the world of other people’s songs last year he’s now back with his 4th proper studio album and I have to say I am delighted that he is, cause this is a great record.  I was thinking today about how much I love how each album he creates is always very similar in style.  Yet he still manages to make them better and more interesting with each outing.  The album opens with a wonderful instrumental piece before Hinson launches into a wonderful little song called ‘Take Of That Dress For Me’ a lovely sweet tune which manages to be a lovely ditty whilst being quite seedy at the same time.  The album rises and falls beautifully from then on in.  It often snarls.  It often drifts in and out like a gentle breeze but it never disappoints.  Very much like The National, I can hear tracks from this record fitting on his previous work and vice versa.  But that’s the beauty of the man for me.  He doesn’t change what he’s doing all that much.  He doesn’t reinvent himself.  He kind of sticks to what you would expect from a Micah P Hinson record.  And yet, somehow, no two records are the same.  There’s always something that takes it a little bit further.  Makes the record that little bit different.  Makes Hinson develop and progress as a song writer.

Personally, I cannot get enough of the man’s music.  And, once again, his album art is something special too.  As always, it’s a little bit seedy.  It’s a little bit edgy.  But it just works perfectly with the music.  He’s a really brilliant song writer and I highly recommend that you go and check out his work here.  Enjoy.

Oh, and here’s his cover of Centro-matic’s song ‘Not Forever Now’.  Enjoy.