All Homemade Things

So this week sees me appearing on Radio Magnetic as guest DJ on the We Sink Ships Radio Show.  Heidi and Neil have both become good friends of mine in the past years and I’ve worked with them on various projects prior to this too, which has always been nothing short of a pleasure.  They are both lovely people and have been very supportive of me in my various musical adventures.  Here they asked me if I’d be up for putting together a mix of music, about 45 minutes worth, for the show, as well as answering some questions about all the many projects that I seem to be involved in.  The music was the easy part.  I loved every second of putting together my mix and I hope everyone enjoys it.  It should certainly give people an insight into the world of the Kays and the music that inspires me most.    Hopefully it will be a nice relaxing mix for everyone on a Tuesday night.

Anyways, the chat itself turned out to be me just blethering for 10 minutes into a microphone/dictaphone type thing just behind Ashton Lane.  Heidi had planned to ask some questions but, for some reason, we decided it would be more fun if I just got left to my own devices.  There is pretty serious chat in there, but the seagulls and squirrels were a distraction.  So much so that on my return to Brel we managed to decide that squirrels actually have scorpion tails hidden under their furry exteriors and have razor blades that shoot out of their little hands.  Vicious creatures rather than the little cute things everyone feeds at the Botanics.  So yeah, next time you don’t feed a squirrel nuts or seeds at the Botanics, or wherever, be warned, they WILL kill you.  Anyways, do check out the show here.  And enjoy.  Full track listing for my mix was:

1. A Mirror Sitting by Anna Rose Carter; 2. Anyone’s Ghost by The National; 3.Spirit Ditch by Sparklehorse; 4. Lodge by Nest; 5. Somewhere Nearby by Nils Frahm; 6. For The Backroads by The Japanese War Effort; 7. One Day Without Harming You by Dakota Suite; 8. Void Lighting by Small Town Boredom; 9. All Homemade Things by The Scottish Enlightenment; 10. Gleypa Okkur by Olafur Arnalds; 11.  Take Off That Dress For Me by Micah P Hinson; 12. On Planet Off by The Notwist; and 13. Giant by Conquering Animal Sound.

Please check out all these amazing artists at your leisure and again….enjoy.


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