Home Outside by Clem Leek

I really haven’t written much on this blog in the past few weeks for various reasons.  I haven’t had the appetite to write for one thing.  However, this project made me really want to write and make you all want to go a view it.  It’s by a wonderful artist from England called Clem Leek and it’s in association with We Sink Ships.  The artist himself has posted this about the project on the We Sink Ships site:

“Home Outside is a piece conceived from these 20 pictures and the emotion for my natural surroundings. The piece is an exploration of sound and textures. I have tried to imply themes and ideas musically, but under a haze of a soundscape. Using only acoustic instruments including violin, guitar and also some field recordings I have endeavored to build up a murky, textually dense musical environment in which motifs and passages appear and disappear within the world of sound. With beautiful lines of flute from Isnaj Dui I have tried to weave a rich tapestry of sound. The piece is very much for a listener to interoperate and musically pick out lines and phrases to explore and creatively elaborate on. Most of all I hope you enjoy it and the concept behind it.”

I highly recommend that you pop along to We Sink Ships website and find the project, which is entitled ‘Home Outside.’  It will be running until 30th June so you don’t have too long left.  Make sure you get a look now while you can.  Enjoy.


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