Spain Or The Netherlands

So the World Cup comes to a close this Sunday after a month of football.  I have to be honest and say that I have not been tuned in to this World Cup as I thought I would be.  My interest was fleeting until about Quarter Final stage.  The Netherlands versus Brazil was probably the first game that I had sat down and watched properly.  And for me, the final between The Netherlands and Spain is a triumph for football and how football should be played.  Watching the Spanish the other night was a total joy.  They make the game look so easy.  Their ability was summed up in stoppage time when they won a corner.  Rather than take a short one and hold the ball in the corner, they simply passed it back from the corner, to midfield, to defence and across the pitch.  Playing keep ball never looked so easy.    Their opponents in the final the Netherlands have been criticised for the style of football that they have adopted in this World Cup.  However, having watched them a few times, I would be more than happy to have a team that good with a football.  Wesley Sniejder is simply a stunning player.  And though a cock, Arjen Robben is also something pretty special.  So, we have the final that all football fans, bar the English, would surely have been hoping for at Semi Final stage.

So who will I be supporting come Sunday?  Well, normally I find the Dutch a bit annoying, but I lived in Nijmegen for a while and I love that country, so despite the fact that I really like the Spanish as a team, and the way they play football, I will be supporting the Netherlands for sure.  I hope that they lift the World Cup for the first time in their history.  I do wonder how long it will take before the English commentators ruin the final by mentioning “what could have been”…


Smith/Chesnutt/Linkous Update

So, the Smith, Chesnutt, Linkous charity project has been going on for a while now and has been doing ok, I guess.  So far I’ve raised about £70 for Depression Alliance UK.  Given that the tracks are only £1 to download, and given that paypal take a cut from each sale, regardless of where the money is going, it’s not a bad start I think.  However, I am keen to get it out there to more people and to raise as much money as possible for my chosen charity.  It is hard to get people to part with their pennies though, and also to make more people aware of the project.  The response of musicians has been really interesting.  I’ve had some amazing artists contribute to the project and since it started have had others approach me to ask if they can still submit music.  The answer to this is, of course, yes.  There was never any time limit placed on the submission of songs.  In addition, people waiting for all the songs to be bundled together before they buy should be aware that this might not even happen.  I’ve not decided what to do once all the submissions are up.  Hopefully I’ll get some more uploaded this weekend.  So please, at this time, if you want to support the project and buy a song – do it now!  It’s all for Depression Alliance UK and it’s all in remembrance of three wonderful artists who left our world all too prematurely.  You can download all the tunes so far here.  Please do!