Pawn/Zoe Keating

Sometimes just sitting trawling through music on the internet is the most rewarding past time.  I don’t often get the opportunity to induldge in this hobby for a variety of reasons but when I do I really do like to immerse myself in a full blown exploration.  I really do scour the musical depths to find new music. 

Rich from Glissando recently pointed me in the direction of a wonderful radio station called Fluid Radio and I cannot recommend the site highly enough.  It’s jam packed with music I love and I have been like a kid in a sweet shop since I first paid a visit.  I just keep going back and discovering more and more new and wonderful music.  I think I could spend a dangerous amount of time just wasting the hours on this site.  And it’s through this site that I discovered the 2 artists mentioned in the title of this post.  This is not a review but an introduction of sorts, to the wonderful music of Pawn and Zoe Keating.

Pawn is Hideki Umizawa from Japan.  He blends ambient acoustic sounds with field recordings and electronics to create some of the most beautiful music I have listened to in a long time.    If you want proof, go here and listen to the wonderful tune taken from his latest record ‘Above The Winter Oaks’.  The imagery that this title conjures could not sit more perfectly with the sound of the music on offer.   There is a lovely description on the Fluid Radio site of his new record which states:

Just like each snowflake is made from the same makeup but remains unique, so too are the tracks on Above The Winter Oaks. Listeners will be compelled to return to this stunning record many times, especially once summer has passed and the first day of winter begins.

I cannot think of a better way to explain this music.  It’s simply stunning.  Please check him out here.

Zoe Keating is a Canadian born cellist now living in San Francisco.  As people who read this site probably know I am a sucker for some good cello and this is some GOOD cello.    The track  on Fluid Radio entitled ‘Optimist’ taken from her new record ‘In The Trees’ is amazing and has left me desperate to hear more.   The first thing that struck me about the track was the way that it was so intelligently arranged and just ebbed and flowed at the right times to keep me hooked.  I am fascinated to hear more and will definitely be checking out her record as soon as I can.  It is certainly not your straight up cello record by the sounds of what I’ve heard elsewhere.  She seems to cross over between classical cello and ambient electronica and in doing so seems to have captured a niche market with some considerable success.  Definitely one to follow up if you like cello me thinks.

Anyways, I can see myself spending more and more time using Fluid Radio and you should too if your taste in music is in an way similar to mine.  Enjoy


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