Fieldhead – Riser

Fieldhead’s record ‘They Shook Hands For Hours’ was a wonderful moment in my 2009.  It made my top 10 of 2009 easily and is a stunning piece of ambient, grainy, static smothered brilliance.  It really is a record that everyone should own, in my opinion.  So, I was more than a little excited when I noted a new EP available from Gizeh Records.  ‘Riser’ is the follow up EP to last years stunning debut album and is quite simply one of the best things I’ve heard so far in 2010.  It’s got me really excited about music today.  From the moment I saw the stunning cover art work and read about the concept and ethos of the project I was excited to hear the results.  Paul had mentioned it to me a while back but I’d kind of forgotten about it until now.  The musical style of this EP is similar to the debut with all the same atmosphere and ambience as before.  However, the focus of this record is the human voice.  The female voice to be precise.  The project is described:

Each track on this EP started life as a series of vocal recordings supplied by one of the five contributors: Anna-Lynne Williams (of Trespassers William), Chantal Acda (of Sleepingdog), Anneke Kampman (of Conquering Animal Sound), Elly May Irving (of Glissando) and Esker (of The Boats and The Sea). These recordings were then shaped and coloured to form the base for the music to grow from and to merge with. The result is a beautifully coherent whole, the warmth of the human voice working hand in hand with the emotive tonal drifts of Fieldhead’s electronics. 

It is funny.  Anneke, Anna-Lynne and Chantal are 3 of my favourite female vocalists, so I was pretty certain the mix of Paul’s wonderful music and their stunning voices would engage and captivate me.  And so has proved to be the case.   The track ‘An Arrow’ featuring Anneke is just amazing.  It really is one of my favourite pieces of music this year.  Just stunning.  This is an intelligent and interesting work.  It’s refreshing.  It’s exciting.  And it’s simply brilliant.   You can buy the 10” from Gizeh Records store which will be accompanied by a free download of the record.  At £7 it really is a snip.  I cannot recommend this man’s work highly enough.

 Also – the cover art, WOW.  It’s one of the most beautiful images or pieces of album art I think I’ve ever seen.  I’m in love with it and with this record.  Buy it now.  Enjoy.

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