I have to make an apology to anyone trying to download things from The Steinberg Principle bandcamp page at the moment.  Basically, paypal decided that I was a charity organisation – which I am obviously not – and decided to suspend my account until I provided them with more information about the charity that I represented.  Obviously, the answer to that is simply go and change your status on your profile to something else – which I did.  However, paypal did not pick up on the fact that I had and as such the current situation is that I called them and I’m waiting for them to lift the restrictions on my account.  Until that point, it is unlikely that people will be able to download tracks for the project, for which I can only apologise.  I know a lot of people are keen to buy tracks, especially the latest one by The Unwinding Hours & RM Hubbert so I am sorry – normal service should be resumed shortly.  In the meantime, do pop over to the bandcamp page and check out all the tracks by all the kind and wonderful artists who have contributed so far.  Thanks and apologies once again.


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