In This Cage Some Songs Are Born by Charles Bukowski

I write poetry, worry, smile



continue for a while

just like most of us

just like all of us;

sometimes I want to hug all

Mankind on earth

and say,

god damn all this that they’ve brought down

upon us,

we are brave and good

even though we are selfish

and kill each other and

kill ourselves,

we are the people

born to kill and die and weep in dark rooms

and love in dark rooms,

and wait, and

wait and wait and wait.

we are the people

we are nothing



Trampoline Presents…Volume One

So yeah, it’s here….finally!  Please go here and download the 13 tracks.  It’s only a fiver.  I really appreciate it.  I would write more about it but I feel fucking horrendous today.  Sweating, dizzy, sicky.  It’s not a good day.  Make it better, download the music and enjoy volume one.