Linkous, Smith, Chesnutt Update

Some of you may remember that a while back I started a project to raise money for Depression Alliance UK.  Basically, I asked various artists to record a version of a song by either Sparklehorse, Elliott Smith or Vic Chesnutt.  All 3 artists suffered from depression which ultimately resulted in them taking their own lives.  Tragic losses to music and music fans everywhere.  Many wonderful artists contributed to the project and it can be downloaded in full for the price of £7 for the lot or £1 a track HERE.

So far, the project has raised approximately £180 for the charity but I am keen to raise as much as I possibly can for this important cause.  So, if you care, if depression has affected your life in some way, or even if you just want to help out cause you like the songs then please, please, please go to the bandcamp page and download the music.  Even downloading one track is a big help.  Every pound counts.  To all of those who have downloaded the music, a massive thank you.  To those who have not, please do so.  And thank you.  Enjoy.