Free Samplers

Just a quick note really to tell you people to get yourselves over to Gizeh Records homepage where you can download a free sampler of old and new music currently on the roster.  Well, I say free, but the choice is yours.  You can have the sampler for free, or alternatively, you can choose your price and contribute to the label, which is always nice and helps them fund future releases.  Anyways, the sampler is excellent featuring tracks from artists such as Fieldhead, Sleepingdog, Trespassers William and a previously unreleased track from the forthcoming Conquering Animal Sound record.  So please do check it out.

In addition, get yourselves over to Hibernate Recordings home page and get your grubby paws on their latest label sampler. This features such wonderful artists as Clem Leek, Haruki and Talvihorros.  This is also FREE and really should be something you go and do now.  I am on my work computer but will be downloading both of these later on today when I get a chance.  Fantastic stuff from two fantastic labels.  It really makes me want to put together a mini50 sampler and hopefully this time next year I’ll be in a position to do so with enough acts on the roster to make it interesting and worthwhile.