Why I Love #1

So, this is a little idea I had recently,  to add a little touch of something less musical, or possibly more musical depending on the view taken by each contributor.  Basically, the idea is that people contribute a short or long piece on something that they love.  So with me, I will probably write “Why I Love Wilco” or maybe “Why I Love a Big Mac Meal When My Hangover Clears”….you get the idea.

Anyways, the first in the series comes from Belgian songstress Chantal Acda better known as Sleepingdog or one half of True Bypass.  Here she tells us why she loves horses.

Since I was a little girl I felt more at home with horses than I was with people. The way they look at me. Their eyes being just honest and pure. I am still not able to read in the eye of a human what is really going on. A horse is my home. The moment when they allow you on their back. It can go two ways. Or they will be just ok or sometimes, really just sometimes, you will feel a huge connection and they will dance for you. Withour any pressure or without me asking anything. It makes me feel alive, accepted. It makes me live in the moment and it makes me stop thinking. Only a horse can bring me to my home.



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