Larkian – Un Disque Pour Ne Pas Danser

Wow this is good.  I cannot stop listening to it.  I really can’t.  It’s dense.  It’s intelligent.  It’s packed with atmosphere and intrigue.  It’s complex.  It really is just such a good ep.  Released on Catherdral Transmissions, it appears to be a 33 copy CDr release.  A really fascinating little label actually, well worth checking out if you have a minute, with some really interesting releases to its name.  Unsurprisingly, most of their releases have sold out.   Still, well worth checking out the music if you can.

The 4 tracks on this particular ep have completely captured me this week.  The intense progression of noise on ‘The Collapse’ is the perfect opening to the ep and leads beautifully into the subtle ‘She Hears Noises’.   The use of choral noise elements and field recordings on this track slowly swell to a peak and become more frantic and urgent, before fading to nothing in an instant.

‘The Astonishing Octave Switch’ is bass driven and constructed so beautifully, with manipulated guitar creating the feeling of water or certainly the feeling of drifting gently on water.  It’s a definite change in tone from the previous tracks, but is also completely in keeping with what has gone before.  The elements of this piece are so subtly weaved together that you really need to shut your eyes and let the music flow into you.  Slowly, the track builds in tension, and more and more layers are added to the noise and drone.  It never takes off like you expect it will though and, for me, that’s the beauty of this record.  The restraint shown.  The avoidance of the obvious is just perfect.

‘La Plus Sauvage’ starts as a piercing ringing before gradually, once more, elements and layers are added.  The first sign of any sort of beat to the music is introduced, to wonderful effect, and the song builds beautifully to, an all to abrupt, climax.

This is a great piece of ambient drone music.  It doesn’t feel forced.  It never feels like one element is competing with the other.  It all just comes together and creates the perfect whole.  I can’t think of a better way to describe this other than that the whole ep works as a composition, and works so well.  I’d highly recommend this record.  You can check out Larkain here.  Enjoy.