I love the winter light.  I think I do an annual post about this fact at about this time of year, but as I sit on the train today on my way back to Dundee, I cannot be anything but stunned by the beauty of this country.  As the train travelled along the shores of Fife and I looked across the Forth estuary to Edinburgh, the light reflecting off the water was creating an image nothing short of spectacular.  If only I was a photographer skilled enough to capture such a perfect Scottish Winter’s moment.  Alas, I will just have to store these moments in my brain and remember them when the rains come.

It got me thinking about making a winter playlist for spotify.  I’ve not done it.  But I intend to this week.  So much of the music I listen to soundtracks this time of year perfectly which, given that I love winter more than any other season, is kind of perfect.  I really do hope the bright winters days continue.  People moan about the cold.  Moan that it’s cold but they want snow.  Moan that it’s cold and wet.  Just moan actually.   I cannot understand those who do not enjoy this time of year.  I love bright winters days.  I love that it gets dark early.  Nothing is better than going home to a cosy house and a glass of red wine.  Sure, I’m like everyone, I could do without the rain.  However, I accept it because it’s part of where I live and to be honest, at this time of year I’d rather not be anywhere else.  Perfect winter music – Language of Landscape, Clem Leek or even Nils Frahm.

So, as I pass through Cupar and head onwards to Dundee I look forward to the moment that we cross the Tay Bridge at Wormit because nowhere in the world is as beautiful as the River Tay at Dundee on a day like this.  It will be another postcard moment I fail to capture but save in my mind for the days I need it most.



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