M.Ostermeier – Chance Reconstruction

More ambient minimalism for you now.  You know, no piano album is going to trump Goldmund’s ‘Famous Places’ for me this year.  Of that I am completely sure.  However, I keep stumbling across some wonderful piano records from 2010 and this is yet another lovely record.

M.Ostermeier has created a very peaceful piece of music in ‘Chance Reconstruction.’  Melancholic in tone, piano pieces drift in and out, complimented by field recordings and abstract electronics.  I wouldn’t say there is a total Godlmund-esque quality to the work, but there are certainly nods in that direction throughout.  This for me is a bit more sparse.  A little more disconnected than the work of Keith Kennif.  Always with his music I feel I am listening to piano compositions complimented by field records, strings and electronics.  With this record I feel like the piano is more fragmented at times.  That the electronics take centre stage now and again and the piano drifts in to accompany.  I like that about this record.   It’s definitely a piano album first and foremost.  However, the arrangements are interesting in themselves and I love the way the piano flits from being the focus to the accompaniment.  It makes for a lovely, engaging record.   I absolutely love this quote I found about the record:

“The hesitant piano melodies take on an almost conversational form, but from someone repeating and rephrasing his thoughts as he talks to himself, imagining different outcomes of some unfortunate event.”

I don’t think I could have said it better if I tried, so I won’t!  What a wonderful description.

You can and should check out the work of M.Ostermeier here.  Enjoy.

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