Scrawls and Bawls

If you have never read the blog Scrawls and Bawls then I would suggest you do so.  It’s a great read and Finbarr, who writes it, is currently asking people to submit their top 5 songs of 2010.  Not their top 5 albums, but their top 5 songs.  It’s a really nice idea because, as he points out, whilst people’s top 5 albums are likely to throw up similar records time and again people’s top 5 songs can vary massively from person to person.  Whilst you might pick the best 5 songs you can think of, there is more chance that you’ll pick something obscure, something that means a lot to you personally, reminds you of a moment in time, or even a tune that features on a crap record but that you love regardless.

So, do contribute to this.  I have.  And I’m keen to see what the results are at the end of the exercise.  Whilst you’re there, have a look around his site.  Good articles and interviews to be found.  Enjoy.