Top Classical/Ambient Artists

For no other reason than I want to, I would recommend that people check out the following artists:

Nils Frahm, Johann Johannsson, Library Tapes, Ben Frost, Language of Landscape, Clem Leek, Sketches for Albinos, Brian McBride, Richard Skelton, Richard A Ingram, Caught In The Wake Forever, Yellow6, Fieldhead, Rafael Anton Irisarri, Grouper, Eluvium, M.Ostermeier, Max Richter, Pawn, Larkian, Peter Broderick, Talvihorros, Kyle Bobby Dunn, Tim Hecker, Sunslide, Sonicbrat, Danny Norbury, Xeltrei, Arvo Part, Alva Noto & Ryiuchi Sakamoto, Balmorhea, Goldmund, Helios, Jimmy Behan, John R Carlson, Jonny Greenwood, Loscil, Kreng, Last Days and Ulises Conti.

No other reason than they deserve to be heard and I love their music.  Any other suggestions, do let me know. Enjoy.