Broken Headphones

Nope, not a new band.  Just a consistent occurrence in my life!

I break headphones all the time.  It really is a giant pain.  Headphones were not designed to be used by me, I’m sure of it.  I think I must go through a set of headphones within a couple of months.  It’s never anything major, just that because they are always in my pocket the wires seem to fray, a loose connection is formed and all of a sudden I’m only hearing music through one ear – worse still is when the other ear is intermittent!  I’ve tried buying more expensive sets, but it really doesn’t matter the price of the headphones, because I am simply not careful enough and I end up damaging them in some way.  This always seems to result in the “one ear” phenomenon, which I absolutely detest.  I cannot cope listening to music in one ear.  It really bothers me.  It feels completely wrong and it actually freaks me out a little.  No, scratch that, a lot.  It freaks me out a lot.  It’s like frosted glass.  I cannot stand the feel of frosted glass.  Or it’s like wearing a watch or something on my right hand side.  I cannot bare it.  I feel imbalanced.  Everything to the left please. Yes, I know I am weird.  Especially given that I’m right handed.  Sometimes I feel like I was meant ot be left handed and just got it wrong.

Anyways, I just simply cannot listen to something in one ear, and it’s doubly bad if it’s the left ear that goes – then I’m just all over the place.  Needless to say, I have broken another set this morning and am now unable to listen to music at work.  Music is the only thing getting me through work at the moment, so to say I am gutted is a massive understatement.  I had a good few records to listen to today as well.  I just cannot do it though.  One ear is not enough.  It feels wrong.  I’ll just have to get to hmv as soon as possible and get another set asap, which I guarantee will be broken by March, if not before.  And the cycle will continue.


2 thoughts on “Broken Headphones

  1. I feel your pain. Got s new set on Christmas. The wires are already VISIBLE.

    It’s unbearable. They need a set with, like metal or something as a coating. Some people need things they can be rough with and this just isn’t cutting it.

  2. i’d still manage to break them! i’m sure of that. and they’d cost more too because of the materials used to construct them.

    i have always wanted a really good pair of headphones, but my inability to keep them in one piece, regardless of cost, has held me back from spending the money.

    actually, my mum bought me a pair of those fancy headphones last xmas which cut out other frequencies and noises so you only hear the music in your ears. the cables frayed at the little box where the switch for the mechanism was housed. so they lasted a shorter time than any other pair i previously owned and cost more!

    so i stick to cheap and cheerful. preferably ones that don’t have designated left and right ears so that if the left ear goes i am not doubly freaked out.

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