Day 2 Without Music At Work…

…this is awful.  I have no idea how I ever managed without music in this place.  I can hear everything.  I can’t shut out the constant noise.  I can hear the noisey people at the other end of the room laughing and talking.  I can hear every phone conversation.  I can hear every. little. noise.  Damn you cheap headphones.  Damn you to hell.


One thought on “Day 2 Without Music At Work…

  1. My sympathies, I would go stir crazy without a steady stream of music to negate that kind of noise. I stick with the huge ones that sit over the ear – when necessary, as I dislike headphones in general and the in-ear ones hurt immediately – but do find the average-priced ones of those outlasting my expectations and I’m not particularly delicate with them. (I googled “unbreakable headphones”, there seems to be a worldwide demand for something that doesn’t exist, yet).

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