Musical Disaster Number Two…

Musically, things have gone from bad to worse.  Another pair of broken headphones has been followed by the sad news that my ipod – which I’ve had practically attached to my skin for around 5 years – appears to be dying a slow and painful death.  I fully charge the battery regularly but of late it doesn’t take very long for that battery to die again.  In fact, there can be about half the battery symbol still left on the ipod and the thing will suddenly, for no reason, claim there is no battery left and just stop playing.

This is a disaster.  Broken headphones are one thing because I can always easily replace these with cheap ones if I have to.  However, a broken or dead ipod is a nightmare scenario that I just don’t want to happen.  6,500 songs are on that machine.  It’s travelled with me everywhere.  It’s done the Edinburgh-Glasgow train journey countless times.  It’s soundtracked almost every Trampoline night.  It’s kept me sane at work when I’ve needed to shut everything out and just get on with writing reports.  And now it’s dying.  It’s not as simple as just going out and buying a new ipod either.  They don’t cost twenty quid.  So yes, the music at work saga continues at pace.  Even if I went and bought new headphones now I still couldn’t listen to music.  Sucks.


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