What’s The Point In This Blog If…

…I’m not willing to use it to promote the music being released on mini50?  It’s as good an avenue as any to tell people about the music being released this year and to promote the label the best I can.  Obviously, we have website now available to check out and it caters for all the artists on mini50, but often people who maybe read this blog perhaps don’t associate with the label and vice verse.  Anyways, CHECK OUT THE LABEL WEBSITE HERE.

Conquering Animal Sound’s debut album ‘Kammerspiel’ has been receiving some seriously awesome press since it’s release on 7 February.  Album reviews and live reviews have been streaming in, as well as BBC radio coverage from Vic Galloway and Tom Robinson.  The world is so much bigger than Scotland though and the positive reviews from Europe and beyond are particularly welcome.  Thanks to everyone for their support so far.  Read a whole load of nice press HERE.

Beyond CAS, mini50 has a few releases coming up.  In May 2011 we will be releasing the new record by Dvaid Newlyn entitled ‘Too Long In The Wrong Rain’.  It will be released on 2 May 2011 as a digital download and is simply brilliant.  David is a Durham based artist who specialises in ambient music.  This record should firmly establish him as one of the UK’s most exciting ambient musicians and mini50 are excited to work with him both now and in the future.

In June mini50 will release the debut EP by Paisley artist Caught In The Wake Forever entitled ‘All The Hurt That Hinders Home’.  This is a most exciting release for mini50.  The EP will be available as both a digital download and a cd.  The cd will feature both the 5 original tracks and 5 remixes by Library Tapes, Fieldhead, Yellow6, Sketches for Albinos and Jonnie Common.  It’s a stunning piece of music and mini50 are excited to release it as a limited edition 200 copy cd.  Again if you want more information please the visit the website HERE.


A Tune A Day For 2011 #52

Today’s song comes from my all time favourite album, which I have to write about shortly for a blog.  It’s “Jesus etc’ by Wilco taken from the album ‘Yankee Hotel Foxtrot’.  And it’s sublime.