A Tune A Day For 2011 #46

Well it really could only be something of The King Of Limbs for today couldn’t it?!  Radiohead return, out of the blue, with this record and it’s just great on the first few listenings.  Very, very rhythmic.  So ‘Lotus Flower’ is the tune for today.  You can download the record now or pre-order a vinyl/cd copy of it.  Awesome.


A Tune A Day For 2011 #45

From the amazing album Transatlanticism, probably the last record by them I truly loved, it’s the tune ‘Title and Registration’ by Death Cab For Cutie.  A wonderful band possibly made and ruined by their appearance in the OC.

White Noise

It’s weird.  I’ve never been one to spend loads and loads of money on music.  Well, that’s not entirely true.  Let me clarify.  I have always spent money on music.  What I mean to say is that I have never felt the need to spend a huge amount of money on any single piece of music.  I did buy my friend the Bob Dylan mono recordings for his Christmas this year, but when it comes to myself, I don’t really ever go for these sort of things.

So, for me to fork out 50 quid on the limited edition box set of Mogwai’s new record ‘Hardcore Will Never Die, But You Will’ is something of a rarity.  Mogwai are up there in my top 5 artists.  Without a doubt.  Along with Tom Waits, Wilco, Sparklehorse and Radiohead.  Good music comes and goes.  But for me, those 5 artists rarely disappoint me.  And the new Mogwai record is just brilliant.  Read my review here.

Anyways, the package arrived the other night and I am completely smitten by it.  For 50 quid it’s maybe the best piece of music buying I have ever done.  In the box is the album on double vinyl; the album on cd with a bonus cd featuring a track written for a project by the artist Douglas Gordon; a bonus vinyl ep; 4 quality photographic prints of the album art (probably worth about a tenner each, if not more); a stencil and a t-shirt.  All in, I reckon you’re looking at closer to 100 quid than 50.  It’s just brilliant value for money.  It’s beautifully boxed up.  The attention to detail is magic.  It reminds me why I love music packaging so much.  It’s all about the whole product, rather than just the music encoded on the disc or vinyl.  It will always have pride of place in my music collection.  Mogwai always have, but this is simply a brilliant piece of music buying.  I love when artists care.  The good thing of course is that the music to go with it is great.  Mogwai never fail to disappoint and I am encouraged to invest more in such lovely boxsets.

Trampoline Sampler – Reduced Price

Well ages ago I put together a digital release of artists who had played the music night I used to run in Edinburgh called Trampoline.  There were more artists asked to contribute and indeed, there was a second sampler planned for release.  However, the night ended and as such I never really got around to organising a second batch of tunes.

Each tune on this sampler is either a track that was unique at the time.  Be it a new track specifically for the release, a live track or a remix of an existing track.  You can download any or all of the 13 tracks from HERE.  It’s now only £3 for all 13 tracks.  I think you’ll find it’s 3 quid well spent.   So please, do pop over to the Trampoline bandcamp page and download some or all of the tunes. Enjoy.

A Tune A Day For 2011 #40

It’s hard to choose a song when you don’t have your ipod on you and you’re not actually listening to anything.  So I’ve written about Sleepingdog today and therefore I choose ‘Polish Love Song’ from the forthcoming record, which you can hear at the link in the previous post.

New Sleepingdog Record

I am delighted to say that Sleepingdog aka Chantal Acda (and occasionally on record and live Adam Wiltzie (Stars of the Lid)) will be releasing her new record ‘With Our Heads In The Clouds And Our Hearts In The Fields’ on April 25th through Gizeh Records.  The album is available to pre-order now from the here both as vinyl and cd.

It has been a long time, or it feels like a long time since Chantal’s last record ‘Polar Life’ and so I am very happy that this record will be coming out soon.  I’ve heard the whole thing and it’s just fantastic.  It’s a big progression in my opinon,  so I really would encourage everyone to go pre-order their copy now.  She’s become a very good friend to me since we first met and I cannot recommend her music highly enough.  As always with Gizeh, it’s a quality release.  Enjoy.