The Spaces That We Fail To Share

Just last week I bought myself an old 1960s polaroid camera off eBay.  It cost a mere £15 and it arrived in its original box and is just awesome!  I love photography.  I always have.  Capturing moments in time have always been very important to me.  Even now, when I go home to Dundee I love to get out the old photo albums and look back on years gone by.  From the time I was a baby, right up until now.  I never tire of these past moments and memories.

So, now I have two cameras.  I have an old Canon AE-1 and now my polaroid and I cannot wait for a nice weekend to get out and take some photos with them.  I’m not professing to be a photographer of any real skill, but I do know what I like in a picture and what makes a picture special for me.  It’s a weird debate and one I had with my mum the other week – who happens to be an excellent photographer.  She questioned “why a polaroid?” – because for her, the skill in photography is mainly the technical side.  Shutter speed, exposure etc.  I can see that.  However, I actually feel that for me it’s more about the moment captured than the skill involved to do so.  Point and shoot cameras can capture moments just as beautifully as any others and give me one of those over a fancy SLR any day.  If the idea is not right, then it doesn’t matter how much skill was involved.  For me anyway.

So I’ve been taking loads of photos on my camera phone of late.  The “Edinburgh In The Snow” series I ran way back before Christmas were all photos taken on my phone.  Nothing special.  Just moments and images that I saw and loved and snapped.  This past week, I got thinking about life in a city like Edinburgh.  Every day, we see hundreds if not thousands of faces in daily life.  We walk the same streets, share the same coffee shops, restaurants and bars.  We do the same things.  Yet we only know a few people with whom we truly share the spaces in which we live.

My work affords me the opportunity to visit many lovely buildings.  To see the insides of peoples homes and indeed get into places within buildings that others could only dream of.  I feel very lucky for this.  I also love my job because I get to walk around the city going from site to site.  I notice spaces.  I notice places.  I notice odd things.  Things that we all walk past.  Things that we all see perhaps.   And yet, ultimately, we fail to share together.  Not really share.

So I’ve been taking photos of these things.  These spaces that are important.  That help make up our city.  That are part of our city.  And that may not seem important to some.  But to others are everything.  And are important to me.  Dunno.  Probably post them under the same title as this post in the future.

Like I said, I am no skilled photographer.  I just like taking photos.


2 thoughts on “The Spaces That We Fail To Share

  1. well, like i said, i’m no photographer. and to begin with the pictures will mainly be taken from my phone. but hopefully as i get better with my cameras i’ll be brave enough to post the results!

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