Clinton’s Claim To Fame

9 years ago my family bought a flat coated retriever.  We called him Clinton.  I grew up with dogs but no dog in the world has ever come close to being as amazing as Clinton.  He was the best.  I would wake up in the morning exhausted and grumpy to take him for a walk and by the time I got home I would be in a good mood and happy.  Because of him.  His thirst for life.  His endless enthusiasm and fun filled nature. It never failed to make me smile.  He was the perfect dog.  Sadly, at the age of 3 he caught cancer.  He had a leg amputated but the cancer had spread and there was nothing we could do to save him.  It broke my heart.

His brother Jet is 9 years old.  Same litter.  Well, yesterday he was crowned Best In Show at Crufts.  It’s made me think of Clinton today.  What a beautiful dog Jet is.  Congratulations to James and Carol who bred him and Clinton.  It’s lovely to see such a lovely dog win such a prestigious event.  That’s Jet in the picture.  I miss having a dog.  That’s all.


One thought on “Clinton’s Claim To Fame

  1. Congratulations to Jet, though I’m sorry to hear Clinton’s time was all too short – sounds like he was well-loved.

    My first pet was a golden retriever, such a great dog, but he was already quite old by the time I was old enough to remember him properly. It’s been nearly ten years since I’ve been able to have a pet (another pitfall of renting), so I’m often tempted to sneak in a cat or something!

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