Pre-Order All The Hurt That Hinders Home NOW.

So, I am very pleased to say that Caught In The Wake Forever’s debut EP entitled ‘All The Hurt That Hinders Home’ is now available to pre-order from the mini50 bandcamp page.  This EP is a limited edition and we have about 170/180 copies available to buy.  To make the cd that little bit more special than the download (which will not be available until June) we have added 5 bonus tracks, so along with the 5 originals you get 5 remixes by yellow6, Library Tapes, Sketches for Albinos, Jonnie Common and Fieldhead.

mini50 records are very proud of this release.  Caught in the Wake Forever will be releasing two tracks on Hibernate Recordings soon, and they are one of our favourite labels, as well as being massively respected in the ambient world.  His stock should rise very quickly with that release so I would encourage you to get your hands on this EP whilst you can. Enjoy.


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