Jamie Mills

So, it’s been a while since I wrote about art but I think this young guy deserves to be written about and promoted because his work is awesome.  I have already bougth 3 of Jamie Mill’s pieces and when I showed his work to my mum on Saturday evening she immediately ordered one of his pencil sketches, so impressed was she.

Also, rather awesomely, he has asked me to work with him on an animation that he is working on, about humans impact on the natural world.  What I have seen of this is stunning and I am totally honoured that he’s asked me to do the music to accompany this short piece.  I have no idea when this will be finished, but it’s something I’ve been looking to do more of – work with film makers – so it’s really awesome that somebody who I respect so much as an artist would ask me to get involved in his work.

I won’t prattle on about why I love his work, or what it is that makes him special in my opinon.  Instead, I’ll just direct you to his homepage and let you decide for yourselves.  If you do like what you see, make sure you get in there and support him by buying some of his work.  Before I buy it all up myself!  Enjoy.

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