M.Ostermeier – The Rules Of Another Small World

Music is essentially just a series of moments.  Phrases and ideas strung together to create something tangible.  And it doesn’t just have to be musical instruments that generate these moments.  Field recordings are used time and again by ambient musicians as backdrops to their tunes.  These can range from the sound of animals, to cars, to white noise, to static.  In fact, just about anything can be taken, manipulated and turned into a piece of music.

Not all that long ago I watched a performance by an artist who used only a cardboard box, a cello bow and an array of effects pedals.  The result was actually something quite special (if a little hard going at times) and it made me wonder.  Just like everything is mathematical, is there anything that cannot be considered to be musical.

Ultimately, a record is made up of musical fragments, pieced together to create something coherent.  Or at least, for the most part, that is the aim.  Sure, sometimes it doesn’t work but it definitely is the aim.

Well, M. Ostermeier does things like no other.  ‘The Rules of Another Small World’, bizarrely, actually feels other worldly. The art is odd and on first listening there is definitely something different going on here, like the artist deliberately set out with music from another world in mind.  Like I’ve been transported to another dimension.  The elements are varied in style and tone combining a wide spectrum of styles ranging from modern classical to drone to ambient to jazz to drone and back to modern classical.  Yet, this remains a cohesive piece of work.  It is tied together beautifully by the coherence of all the pieces.

The concept seems to be that these pieces are made up of fragments.  In turn, the pieces are fragments of something bigger.  And yet, whilst this whole thing possibly shouldn’t all come together to create something coherent, M. Ostermeier not only achieves this, but has produced a record which is as engaging as it is fascinatingly creative.  For make no mistake, creativity is the key to this brilliant record.  It is stunning and with this release M Ostermeier once again shows off his undeniable talent for shaping moments and fragments and creating something more than simply ordinary.  For this record, like the name suggests, is quite extraordinary and like other worlds deserves further exploration.  It is released on Tench Records on 10 May 2o11.

You can check out M. Ostermeier here.  Enjoy.

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