The Antlers – Burst Apart

The Antlers record Hospice is, for me, brilliant.  More times than I care to remember I have found myself returning to that record, seeking inspiration, seeking solace, seeking comfort, seeking something that the world on its own just cannot offer.  Something deeper.  Something more.   It’s not an easy record.  No record that bases the whole concept on losing somebody to cancer will ever be an easy listen I suppose.  However, don’t let that put you off because The Antlers somehow manage to make a difficult subject matter uplifting.  At no point does the record depress.

So, having fallen in love with that record, it was with great excitement that I discovered the band had dropped the news of their new record ‘Burst Apart’.  No concept this time.  Just a piece of music from one of the most exciting bands around and available to stream online at the moment prior to its May release.

And so,  the good news.  This record in no way disappoints after the highs of Hospice.  This record, in my opinion, is also great.

What the band have achieved, is something a lot of bands struggle with after a glorious preceding record.  They have retained their identity, not done too much differently and yet, changed the sound in such a warm and welcoming fashion.  It is undoubtedly the Antlers then, but there seems to be a much richer tone to this record than there was to Hospice.  Where Hospice had a lot of space and a sense of loss and longing, Burst Apart seems to be brimming with rich and sumptuous sounds.  Like they have taken Hospice and dug right under it.

And it really is a glorious listen.

There is an 80s feel to much of the record.  Is this a new a phenomenon? Are the 80s back in fashion?  Did I miss that??  Is it possible that the decade in which I grew up is long enough ago for artists to be referencing the sounds from back then in the music of today?  So it seems, if this record is anything to go by.  And it’s completely refreshing I have to admit.

The Antlers are like no other band for me.  Inspiring, exciting and fresh.  This record glimmers and shines from start to finish and will be a must buy when it’s released physically next week.

If you never have, then you must check out The Antlers and you can do so here.  Enjoy.


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