Everybody Calm Down, Please Stop Shouting

Quite excited today.  Been listening mainly to the new Felice Brothers and Death Cab for Cutie records.  Delighted to say that both these records have made me smile, for different reasons.

The Felice Brothers new record sounds like they listened to shit loads of experimental Tom Waits and shit loads of Kraftwerk.  Then drank loads of whiskey and invited all their friends round for a massive big drunken hoe down.  And recorded the results.  What they have conjured up is something that can surely only be regarded as a great change of pace, direction and massive return to form after the slightly disappointingly obvious Yonder Is The Clock.

Death Cab have clearly with their new record said a massive FUCK YOU to record label pressure and got back to doing what made them so good in the first place.  From early listens, their new record is quiet, interesting and contemplative.   There’s no sense of commercialism about it and the songs I’ve heard so far are better than anything they’ve done since Transatlanticism.  Seriously, good for them.  Gary Lightbody take note.


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