I am really not sure what to say about this other than it’s a craze that seems to be sweeping through my home town of Dundee at the moment.  It seems to be causing quite a lot of talk, although I’m not sure why other than somebody died doing it.  And it’s easy to see why, given some of these pictures!!  If you’ve never been to Dundee.  Well, let’s just say this doesn’t surprise me one little bit.  I miss that city a lot sometimes.  I really do.

Pointless post.  But amused me last night.


3 thoughts on “Planking

  1. (I had to ook it up to confirm) But yeah, a guy in Brisbane fell from a balcony. I guess, at the very least, this particular thing is only as crazy and/or dangerous as the places people decide to do it (unlike something such as base jumping or train surfing).

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