Guy Gelem – Tides

Tides.  I love the name of this record.  And I love how each of the 6 tracks is titled as such; ‘first tide’, ‘second tide’ and so on.  This in itself is a lovely idea.  It’s lovely because as you work your way through each of these tracks you drift off into a world where each new track actually evokes the thoughts of the coming of a new tide.  As one ends, another begins and the circle continues.  It is this rising and falling within the record which engages the listener immediately and maintains your focus throughout.

Put simply, this is a beautiful record.  Yet again Quiet Design has unearthed a gem of an artist in Guy Gelem.  As a label boss myself, I am pretty envious of the artists they have on their roster.  Every single record Cory Allen has sent me to date I have loved, and this is no different.

There is a simple beauty about Guy Gelem’s work.  There is a formula for sure.  Electric guitar and strings.  The guitar often simple and repetitive.  The strings mournful and beautiful all at once.  It is a constant approach on all 6 tracks but that’s not to say that the record is in any way too similar.   The music soothes and calms but is never boring.  There is a wonderful sense of motion to the record.  As if you’re riding on waves.  It’s hard to pinpoint why it feels like this but the layering of instruments with repetitive fragments drifting in and out certainly contributes greatly to the over all feel of the record.  The movement is never rushed, it’s all beautifully controlled.  Reminiscent of the gentle crash of waves on the shore.   Tides come and go and the music on offer evokes this idea perfectly.  Not every tide is the same.  But every tide has its place.  The overall effect is a piece of music that everyone should own.  Just beautiful.

You can check out Guy Gelem here.  And the quite brilliant Quiet Design here.  Enjoy.


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