Lost Again On Waking Is Sold Out…

…I am a little shocked, but the 50 copies of the record sold out in 1 hour last night.  So, sadly, if you wanted to get your hands on the whole package you won’t be able to.  However, the EP will be available as of Friday from the mini50 bandcamp page for £3 if you’d like to get your hands on the music.

Glacis – Lost Again On Waking

Well, this is my new record.   It’s being released on Fluid Audio and is a limited edition 50 copies.  It is 5 tracks long and includes a 16 page photography booklet of pictures by Heidi Kuisma, which inspired the music.  I am trying to find out if it’s actually already sold out because people are saying when they try to buy it from the site it says ‘sold out’.   I will let you all know as soon as I know more myself.  I don’t even have my own copy!  Anyways, if you want to read more about the record then you can go here.   If you’d like to hear some tracks from it then you can go here.  I hope that there are copies left for those that would like one.  If not, you will be able to download the tracks from the mini50 bandcamp page soon.  Obviously, I’d be very grateful to anyone who did download the tracks despite not getting their hands on the limited edition cd.  In the meantime, here are some more pics of the physical product.

I have to say a massive thank you to Heidi Kuisma for her wonderful photographs.  Without those the project would never have seen the light of day and Glacis would never have been born.  Also, a massive thank you to James Scott from Conquering Animal Sound for recording, producing and performing on the tracks, Fraser McGowan of Caught in the Wake Forever for mastering duties and lending his critical ear.  Paul Elam aka Fieldhead for the bonus remix track.  And of course Daniel Crossley, and his girlfriend, of Fluid Audio for their belief, support and encouragement.  They have opened doors for me in the ambient world of music for which I am eternally grateful.

Lozninger – Like A Snake

This is just a reminder that the new single by Lozninger ‘Like A Snake’ is now available as a FREE digital download over on the mini50 bandcamp page.  It’s supported by 2 other tracks and we’ve already received some good reviews for the single.  So please, do check it out and download it if you like what you hear.  It is free after all.  Enjoy.

Bon Iver – Bon Iver

Some artists gain almost overnight success.  Fleet Foxes came from nowhere to suddenly be the darlings of the music media, Ray Lamontagne did it years before with his album ‘Trouble’ gaining him wide aclaim.  And Bon Iver’s debut record ‘For Emma, Forever Ago’ projected him into the spotlight at an amazing pace.  The problem with these meteoric rises of course is that the first album is always followed by the often more problematic second.

With Bon Iver there was the ‘Blood Bank’ ep in between albums one and two, as well as a number of contributions to the Dark Was The Night – a wonderful compilation put together by Bryce and Aaron Dessner of The National, which features a stunning track by the latter and Justin Vernon himself.  So, it’s not that Vernon has been sitting twiddling his thumbs or wondering how he could possibly follow up such a successful debut.  And the work in between albums acts as a lovely bridge for the two records.

Make no mistake, ‘Bon Iver’ is a stunning follow up to ‘For Emma…’ and will be on many people’s top 10 lists come the end of 2011.   Whilst maintaining much of what made his debut so poignant and beautiful, Vernon has had the courage to add to his sound, without ever losing the fundamental beauty of his music.  For his music is heartfelt and beautiful and fills me with great delight on every single listen.  This remains, like his debut, an intimate and sublte record and requires many repeat listens to uncover and unfold the magic palette of sounds and instruments that envelop the record.

There is still a very skeletal feel to the record, Vernon never fully letting go of the sound that was born on ‘For Emma…’.  However, the layers that have been added underneath add texture and, at times, a warmth that was missing from the debut.  There is a definite sense of growth with this record and, for me, it’s one of the stand out records of 2011 so far.

I wish I’d bought tickets to see him at the Usher Hall when I was asked.  Couldn’t afford them and now, having fallen in love with this album, I am gutted.  Anyone who is going is lucky.  Anyone who hears this record is lucky too.  Just beauitful.  You can, and should, check out Bon Iver here.  Enjoy.

Things That I Love Today #105

Anyone who lives in Edinburgh will know this building well.  The Scotsman Steps probably make you think of a urine soaked, dark, dank, horrible place that you rarely used to get from North Bridge to Market Street.  Well, hopefully all that has changed.  Totally proud to have been heavily involved in this project, which you can read about HERE in article by top Scottish architect Malcolm Fraser.  Do check it out.  It really is pretty special.

The Only Thing That Bothers Me About The Mercury Music Prize Is…

…that Bill Wells and Aidan Moffat were not selected for the shortlist.  That is one of my favourite records of the year and I think deserved to be on the final list.  It’s not just brilliant.  It’s fresh and interesting and different.   I have always been a massive Elbow fan but I cannot understand their nomination because I just don’t really connect with ‘Build A Rocket Boys!’ and it’s not exactly new or exciting.  Personal taste is a funny thing but the Elbow nominated for ‘Asleep In The Back’ were a much more interesting band than they are nowadays.

Ultimately, I don’t really care about the Mercury Prize, or any other prize for that matter, but I do hope that King Creosote and Jon Hopkins win for their excellent record*.

*That said, I don’t really know many of the other records so I couldn’t comment on whether they are any good or not. Just cause they are not to my taste doesn’t mean they are no good.