The Only Thing That Bothers Me About The Mercury Music Prize Is…

…that Bill Wells and Aidan Moffat were not selected for the shortlist.  That is one of my favourite records of the year and I think deserved to be on the final list.  It’s not just brilliant.  It’s fresh and interesting and different.   I have always been a massive Elbow fan but I cannot understand their nomination because I just don’t really connect with ‘Build A Rocket Boys!’ and it’s not exactly new or exciting.  Personal taste is a funny thing but the Elbow nominated for ‘Asleep In The Back’ were a much more interesting band than they are nowadays.

Ultimately, I don’t really care about the Mercury Prize, or any other prize for that matter, but I do hope that King Creosote and Jon Hopkins win for their excellent record*.

*That said, I don’t really know many of the other records so I couldn’t comment on whether they are any good or not. Just cause they are not to my taste doesn’t mean they are no good.


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