Matthew Collings

If you don’t know Matthew Collings, please just go and check out his music now.  He’s a good friend of mine and a post graduate student in music at Edinburgh University.  Last night I saw him perform his dissertation piece at the music school and it just blew me away.  He’d let me hear it the week before and it immediately got stuck in my bones but last night he just hammered it home.  I always knew that he was a exceptionally talented musician but I had no idea how good he actually was.  The performance using a guitar and compressors was something special.  I really hope that the track gets out there to the wider public because it deserves to be heard.  Not many musicians I know amaze me.   Working with Matthew and learning from him has been eye opening.  Musicians amaze me.  I mean real musicians.  Anyone can write a song.  I’m not sure anyone can do what Matthew does, or the person on viola after him, or the pianist after that (though I didn’t like his piece he was amazing on the piano).  Real talent.  Blew me away.

I guess the point is that you should check out Matthew’s work which you can do here  Enjoy


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