Listen To Lozninger, Moving Targets

As you may be aware, Lozninger’s new record ‘Moving Targets’ is due for release on mini50 records in October.  It will be mainly a digital download release but there are some limited edition, handmade editions available to pre-order from our bandcamp page at the moment.  Only 34 left though if you are interested in getting your hands on one of these special limited releases.  If you are not sure, why not have a listen to the record and make up your mind whilst you’re listening.

Eye On An Artist. Volume 2: Olan Mill









Olan Mill are Alex Smalley and Svitlana Samoylenko who work with a somewhat restricted set of acoustic instruments.  Echoes of piano, violin, pipe organ,  guitar are present but these are often wrapped in dense layers of reverb, their respective edges blurred to create rich and vivid sonic spaces.

Occasionally complex layering gives way to a much more stripped down sound often being lead by stunning piano motifs.   For the most part though, cinematic, sweeping layers of sound create rich and fulfilling moments.  Moments that you should experience and immerse yourself in as soon as you can.

You can find Olan Mill here.  Enjoy.

Eye On An Artist. Volume 1: Noveller











*Disclaimer:  Not all these posts will be my own words. For example, the stuff below was written by Sarah herself for her website . I just want people to know about artists who I think are awesome.  My time has been seriously lacking of late.  SO, whilst these may not be my words, please do check out the artists when you get a chance.  Thank you.

Noveller is the solo project of Brooklyn-based guitarist and filmmaker Sarah Lipstate.  Handling the electric guitar as her muse, Lipstate summons a sonic palette so rich as to challenge the listener to conceive of how it’s housed in a single instrument manipulated by a solitary performer.

She released her first two full-length albums on Brooklyn noise label No Fun Productions in 2009.  In 2010, Lipstate started her own imprint, Saffron Recordings, as a vehicle for releasing the Noveller full-length ‘Desert Fires’ and a split LP between Noveller and unFact (David Wm. Sims of the Jesus Lizard) titled ‘Bleached Valentine’.   Her latest full-length, ‘Glacial Glow’, was released jointly through Saffron Recordings and Weird Forest in May 2011.

Wilco – The Whole Love

With ‘Sky Blue Sky’ and ‘Wilco (The Album)’, Wilco probably lost a lot of people who liked what they had done on ‘Yankee Hotel Foxtrot’ and ‘A Ghost Is Born’.  I guess the same is true of those albums though, in that they lost a lot of people who loved ‘AM’, ‘Being There’ and ‘Summerteeth’ – or at least confused a lot.  Yet, along the way, they have not only gained fans but have become one of the most successful and critically acclaimed bands in the USA,  if not the world.  One thing is always guranteed prior to the release of a new Wilco record and that is that you should not assume that you know what the record is going to be like.

The complexities of YHF and AGIB that were missing from the previous two records appears to have returned in part.   Never before has Nels Cline’s contribution appeared to be so vital to proceedings.  Glen Kotche’s drumming, as always, pivitol to the overall Wilco experience.  Experimentation?  no.  But definitely a willingness to let back in the invention rather than focusing on simple song writing.  And yet, it is in Jeff Tweedy’s song writing skills that this band are rooted and grow.  Some of the most beautiful songs Tweedy has written appear on ‘The Whole Love’.  ‘Black Moon’, ‘Rising Red Lung’ and 12 minute album closer ‘One Sunday Morning’ are just gorgeous tunes.  Tweedy’s vocal soft and clean, as the rest of the band make tunes, that appear to be simple, dense and illustrated.

To be perfectly honest, there is something for everyone on this record.  If you love the Wilco of ‘Spiders’ and  ‘Bull Black Nova’, then album opener ‘Art of Almost’ will blow you away.  Electornic, pulsating and in your face from the word go, it’s positioning on the record will certainly throw people as the rest of the record is revealed.

If you prefer your early Wilco then try out the country tinged ‘Open Mind’ and rocker’ ‘Standing O’.   If you are a ‘Summerteeth’ fan why not try ‘Born Alone’ or ‘Capitol City’ for size.

Seriously, this record feels like the end of something.  I don’t know why but it feels like a bringing together of everything Wilco have been and now are and perhaps it will represent another shift in direction in the future.  Who knows?  I guess that’s what I love about them most, they always leave me guessing what’s going to happen next.  For now though, I am happy with my lot.

You can check out Wilco here.  Enjoy.

A Winged Victory For The Sullen

Exquisite is not a word I often use to describe a piece of music.  However, it is a word I can use with real authority with regards to this record.

A Winged Victory for the Sullen is Dustin O’Halloran and Adam Wiltzie (Stars of the Lid/Sleepingdog).   The duo formed A Winged Victory… in memory of Mark Linkous of Sparklehorse, having met each other whilst Wiltzie toured with Sparklehorse in Europe.  However, do not expect a Sparklehorse tribute band here because this record could not be further from that of Sparklehorse if it tried.  No, this is very much what you would expect when a classical pianist and a drone musician come together.

A mix of sonic landscapes and stunning piano, this record is really everything you want from a piece of ambient, classical music.  From the very first chords of ‘We Played Some Open Chords…’ there is an overwhelming feeling of beauty and when the piano enters the fray you are lifted off your feet and into the most wonderful of dream like states.  The world around you will cease to exist.  Put your headphones on.  Let the every day noise of the city be replaced.  Let the voices in the office become inaudible.  Feel the stress and tension in your body just ooze out of you.  Let this record wash over you and warm your heart and soul.  Because that is exactly what it will do in one giant wave.  If I could be lying on my bed right now, headphones on, eyes shut and lights low then I would because the world would be an amazing place to be.

O’Halloran is one of the finest modern classical pianists around and his compositions are perfectly complimented by the lush, warm sound scapes created by Wiltzie.  The piano lilts in and out as the orchestration ebbs and flows all around.  With Hildur Gudnadottir on cello, as well as labelmate Peter Broderick on violin it really is an all-star line up for this record and the compositions are absolutely dreamlike perfection.  But it’s not all piano and ambience with the sound scapes often taking centre stage and the piano and orchestration drifting in and out of focus.  It’s this mix that generates such a wonderful piece of music with both artists seemingly giving the others contribution the space to breathe and grow.  This record will inevitably be described as meditative and cinematic, but it is also rich in melody and texture and it’s this brilliant understanding and manipulation of the relationship between sound and space that works so perfectly creating a record of real quality.

You really should have this in your collection.   You can check out A Winged Victory for the Sullen here.  And you really should.  You will not regret it.  Enjoy.

Lozninger – Moving Targets Limited Release

Lozninger is from France.  Lozninger is Benjamin Lozninger and his new record ‘Moving Targets’ is due to be released on mini50 records in October.

As well as the digital download release there are also 50 limited edition, handmade copies of the record available from the label.  The package includes, the cd itself, a booklet of thanks, poetry and writing and badges and comes packaged in a fabric case.  All handmade.  All lovingly constructed.  Along with this you will receive an immediate download of the record as well as a unique code to download a special bonus track only available with the limited edition.  We will also take your name and address and be sending you a special Christmas mix cd, just cause we like making mix cds!  10 of the limited edition copies have been snapped up already so please do spend the money.  We’ve been working hard on making these packages so it would be really lovely to see them all sold out!

Anyways,  you can find the limited edition here.

Please Help

My mum’s dog has been missing for 2 days now.  She went missing whilst on a walk out Linlathen way in Dundee.  She is a flat coated black retriever.  If you are based in Dundee or the surrounding area or indeed know anyone from the area please, please, please keep a look out for her.   If you have any information on her you can contact me directly through the blog.  For those of you who don’t know what a flat coated retreiver looks like the picture above might help.

Please help us find her.  Thank you.