Lozninger – Moving Targets Limited Release

Lozninger is from France.  Lozninger is Benjamin Lozninger and his new record ‘Moving Targets’ is due to be released on mini50 records in October.

As well as the digital download release there are also 50 limited edition, handmade copies of the record available from the label.  The package includes, the cd itself, a booklet of thanks, poetry and writing and badges and comes packaged in a fabric case.  All handmade.  All lovingly constructed.  Along with this you will receive an immediate download of the record as well as a unique code to download a special bonus track only available with the limited edition.  We will also take your name and address and be sending you a special Christmas mix cd, just cause we like making mix cds!  10 of the limited edition copies have been snapped up already so please do spend the money.  We’ve been working hard on making these packages so it would be really lovely to see them all sold out!

Anyways,  you can find the limited edition here.


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