Eye On An Artist. Volume 1: Noveller











*Disclaimer:  Not all these posts will be my own words. For example, the stuff below was written by Sarah herself for her website . I just want people to know about artists who I think are awesome.  My time has been seriously lacking of late.  SO, whilst these may not be my words, please do check out the artists when you get a chance.  Thank you.

Noveller is the solo project of Brooklyn-based guitarist and filmmaker Sarah Lipstate.  Handling the electric guitar as her muse, Lipstate summons a sonic palette so rich as to challenge the listener to conceive of how it’s housed in a single instrument manipulated by a solitary performer.

She released her first two full-length albums on Brooklyn noise label No Fun Productions in 2009.  In 2010, Lipstate started her own imprint, Saffron Recordings, as a vehicle for releasing the Noveller full-length ‘Desert Fires’ and a split LP between Noveller and unFact (David Wm. Sims of the Jesus Lizard) titled ‘Bleached Valentine’.   Her latest full-length, ‘Glacial Glow’, was released jointly through Saffron Recordings and Weird Forest in May 2011.


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