The Stormy Seas – Morbid Desires/Tall Ships











Ok.  So I’ve always been a fan of The Stormy Seas.  Therefore, it’s really nice to finally hear some recorded music by them that showcases their musician ship in a manner which is befitting of such a talented band.  Previous recordings have been very, very rough and failed to capture the really lovely subtleties of a group who write far more interesting songs than a lot of the more “popular” Scottish folk acts kicking about.

Let’s get this right, ‘Morbid Desires’ is fast, ferocious and over as quickly as it has begun.  It’s a fearsome number of furious traditional Scottish folk music with Michael Tovey practically screaming “My mental health’s not up to scratch” as the chorus ends.  Followed by the absolutely sublime ‘Tall Ships’, where Tovey’s vocal could not be more different, this free 2 track taster is the perfect starter for ten for anyone who has never heard the band before.  And for those of us who have heard the band before, it serves as a reminder that their debut album ‘Of Rust and Loss’ due out on 14 November this year will be well worth checking out when it arrives.  If you haven’t already done so, go and check out The Stormy Seas here.  Oh and did I mention that it’s FREE?!  Enjoy.

And Now I Am Wondering…

Why, if you found your friend dead in his flat, you would take his corpse, put it in the backseat of your car whilst you and another friend cruised bars and strip clubs using the deceaseds bank card and then return the body to the flat prior to informing the police that you think your friend is dead.

Yep, this is of course the story of 2 American men who are charged with, among other things ‘abuse of a corpse’.  You see, I can understand the stealing his bank card part – well I can’t, but you know what I mean – but why would you take the body out in the car on a night out then claim “we wanted to believe that he was just asleep”.

Absolute madness.   Read about it here.











I love The Flaming Lips.  But I cannot quite figure out what a 6 hour song is all about.  I’ve read a lot about it.  I understand it’s for charity.  However, I don’t see the point in the 6 hours of it.  Maybe I will once I get my head around it.  But for now, I am thinking, when am I ever going to have time to sit and listen to 6 hours of one song let alone 6 hours of music straight and, I would probably rather play with the mental toy that comes with the track.  Bizarre.

In other news, I bought a spider man t-shirt.  Yay.