I love The Flaming Lips.  But I cannot quite figure out what a 6 hour song is all about.  I’ve read a lot about it.  I understand it’s for charity.  However, I don’t see the point in the 6 hours of it.  Maybe I will once I get my head around it.  But for now, I am thinking, when am I ever going to have time to sit and listen to 6 hours of one song let alone 6 hours of music straight and, I would probably rather play with the mental toy that comes with the track.  Bizarre.

In other news, I bought a spider man t-shirt.  Yay.

2 thoughts on “Wondering…

  1. I think some people just get a kick out of the sheer dedication to something, rather than the thing itself sometimes. I don’t really get those albums that are like on several different records and you have to synch them precisely to listen properly (which is all but impossible), either, but I guess for some people there’s an attraction to having to work for some (perceived) reward – as in, they enjoy the process more than anything else, and quite probably are disappointed when they’ve achieved the goal and it’s all over. Which I suppose could apply to both the musicians and the listeners, in different ways. Maybe.

    Six hours for one song though… I’m almost certain I’d lose patience after an hour, no matter how diverse it was!

  2. i think that is completely true. and i do kind of understand it. i love the creative process. and it does feel difficult when something is finished.

    but 6 hours. really? i mean how boring must that have been to mix and master! 🙂

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