Ok, so mini50 are giving away free music yet again.  It sort of comes courtesy of one of our artists Chris Tenz, or at least his involvement both musically and as producer is kind of the reason that mini50 are involved.  Anyways, basically Chris recently organised and ran a multi media event titled ‘Fragments’ in his home city of Calgary, Canada.  As a thank you to all those who attended the event Chris also prepared this 3 track recording featuring himself and 2 other artists, Nicolas Field and Joel Learoyd, who both performed at Fragments.  It comes with art by Ricky Fraser and his available from the mini50 bandcamp page on a ‘pay what you like’ basis.    The other two artists have an Elliott Smith vibe going on whilst Chris adds something a little different in between their tracks.  I’d recommend that you check it out – it’s FREE after all.

As for Chris, well he’s now in the UK, currently hanging out in London Town for a while before beginning his journey north.  He plays the Banshee Labyrinth in Edinburgh on 27th along with Graveyard Tapes and The Boats.  He will also be supporting The Boats on 24th October in Leeds so if you are down that way please check him out.

It’s weird.  He’s the first artist on mini50 other than Fraser and the CAS guys that I will have met in person as most of our artists are not based in Scotland.  So I’m really looking forward to hanging out with him, doing some filming, writing some songs and drinking some beer.

Hopefully see some of you at the show.  His album is available to pre-order now from the mini50 site but will be available at the show if you’d like to get your hands on his work early doors.

In the meantime, have a listen to ‘…and you will always be songs’ and a couple of album tracks by Chris here.  Enjoy.


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