I’d Happily Take All Those Bullets Inside You And Put Them Inside Of Myself

So The Antlers were great.  What I saw of them anyways.  I cannot get my head around it.  Why on earth on a 2 band bill would you open doors at 8.30pm and then not have the Antlers on stage until 10pm? Playing a set of 1 hour and 45 minutes meant they finished at 11.45pm.  The last train to Edinburgh is 11.30pm.  So, being realistic, you have to leave at about 11.15pm at the very, very latest to have a chance to make the last train home.   I was gutted.  I had not looked forward to a gig so much for a very long time, so to miss almost 40 minutes of their set was pretty hard to take.  And it’s not the first time it’s happened with Tuts.  When I went to see Grand Archives earlier this year they started so late that I got to see 3 songs of their set before I had to run!  DF added a 4th band to the bill that night – obviously to try and shift more tickets.  At least with a 4 band bill there is an explanation to why the headline act start late.  But if there is an explanation as to why “Scotland’s Best Live Venue”  had The Antlers starting so late that anyone needing to run for a train missed so much of the band’s set, then I’d love to hear it.  I know people moan about early starts in Edinburgh and places having 10pm curfews etc but had The Antlers played Cab Vol and I lived in Glasgow, at least I know I’d have seen their whole set and caught my train home comfortably.  It’s just common sense to have shows that cater for all people, even those travelling to the shows from distance.

Anyways, what I saw of the Antlers was sublime and confirms that they are one of the most exciting and creative acts around right now.  Why they are only playing a venue the size of Tuts I will never know.


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