Graveyard Tapes

For all those who have shown an interest in the music I have released in the past.  Whether that is through The Kays Lavelle or as glacis, please check out this latest offering.  Graveyard Tapes is me and Matthew Collings.  The track is a kind of demo.   It’s not the finished version.  But it is available to download for free as part of Kowalskiy’s monthly music give away.  Hopefully people will like it.  Matthew and I are working on a whole bunch of songs at the moment with a view to releasing some music in 2012.  We are not sure what form that will take as yet – album or ep.  It’s still up in the air.  And we are on the look out for a label to work with us.  It may all end up on mini50, but if there is a label out there who hears the tune and is interested then please do drop us a line.

In the meantime, pop over to Kowalskiy’s blog and download this months give away, featuring some lovely tunes and us…..


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